Why Womens Pockets are So Small?

Womens Pockets

Why Womens Pockets are So Small?

Jeans are the most casual and versatile clothing item that belongs to every wardrobe. They are equally popular among men and women. The best part about wearing jeans is you get spacy pockets to keep your belongings safe, like cash, wallets, keys, etc. Although men’s and women’s jeans look similar but do, you know there is one most significant difference? That is, women’s jeans have small pockets compared to men’s. Yes, it’s a fact most women’s jeans and other clothing items either lack pockets or they have very small pockets. Compared to them, men’s pockets are bigger. No woman is happy with this discrimination, And that’s why women around the world are seeking the answer to the question. 

Why are womens Pockets so small? If you are among those ladies looking for an answer to this question, great, you are at the right place. In the article below, I will discuss everything necessary related to women’s pockets. So let’s have a look. 

The History of Womens pockets: 

Women’s pockets have not always been in their current form; instead, they underwent many evolution processes. Back in the 17th to 19th centuries, these pockets were not attached to the pants; instead, they were separate pieces that could be worn with different outfits. Women used to tie their pockets under their skirts or above their Jackets. These pockets were quite spacy and easy to carry. Simply put, these pockets have space for small handbags, and small personal items such as money, knives, keys, snacks, or thimbles are kept there. 

Pockets were unfashionable For women in the 17th Century: 

One of the interesting facts that might surprise you is Pockets were not in fashion back in the 17th century. In fact, they were considered less fashionable items for women. In that era, women preferred small bags to pockets, as they were more spacious. 

In the 1800’s we saw a little switch toward pockets. But one of the most significant drawbacks of those pockets was that they were more a decorative item and were of no proper use. 

The Revival of Women’s Pockets: 

After so many years, after 1920, women’s pockets became a thing. New women’s garments used to have small pockets; they were not as tiny as the 18th century’s as well as were not so spacy just like men. To date, women’s pockets are relatively small and are more decorative items with less utility. 

Why do Women have small pockets? 

One of the reasons for women’s small pockets is that women’s clothes are meant to be slim fit; the idea is to cover the body adequately while giving a perfect figure. Pocket might ruin the concept of slim fit; An extra layer would make it look awkward and therefore take away from the typical slim feminine silhouette expected.

According to a fashion designer, Emily Keller, who has worked in the clothing industry for almost ten years, small pockets are more budget-friendly. Bigger pockets need more fabric, and hence they cost more money. In the era of fast fashion, it’s better to spend on less expensive clothes. Similarly, brands are focusing more on visual aesthetics and trendiness. With higher price points come thoughtfully designed pieces focusing on timelessness, longevity, quality, and function.

Where can you Find the best Women’s jeans? 

Nowadays, you can get the best quality jeans at your doorstep. With hundreds of online clothing stores and brands, you can order the best quality jeans at affordable prices and upgrade your wardrobe. is one of the best online stores that offer a massive variety of women’s jeans. 

Wrapping !!!

Here is all you need to know about Womens Pockets; we can safely say that women’s pockets are small for all the right reasons. It’s better to use small handbags to keep your belongings; putting them in your pocket would make you look prim and messy. 

How do you keep your belongings safe while wearing jeans? Please share your tips with us in the comment section below. 

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